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I have been seeing Kate at Pumped Personal Training now for over 2 years.
In that time my quality of life has changed so much for the better.
I first went to Kate when I was at the heaviest I have ever been, while overcoming a chronic health condition which had severely impaired my ability to exercise. With this in mind I needed to find the right personal trainer, who would know how to push me, but not push me so hard that my symptoms would flair up. I needed to see someone who was able to provide me a service where I felt supported; somewhere where I could be held accountable for my actions and receive appropriate health advice catered to my needs.
Kate has a real passion for what she does and it is this passion that drew me to her as my personal trainer. This is why I also believe she gets the results she does with her clients.
Prior to going to Kate I would never have thought I would go longer than a few days of being pain free from my ongoing health issues and I certainly never envisioned myself as someone who who grow to love exercise, however here I am today, 2 years on and proud to say I am fit, healthy, happy and pain free. I have managed to control all my health issues that were holding me back in life through exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.
My friends and family have been blown away by my results with Kate in the last 2 years. Some highlights from my time with Kate have been, completing two 20 week Challenge competitions, completing two 100 Day competitions (completing one of these 100%) and running my first 10 k and 1/2 Marathons through her training programs a year apart!
I’m on such a buzz now all the time and I owe so much of this to Kate and all the people who go to Pumped Personal Training. I can not rave enough about how joining will be the best decision you will have ever made in achieving your health goals.

Brogan Ramsay

“I was your typical lazy couch potato, in other words, an overweight and very unfit woman who lacked motivation, had no energy and had no inclination to do any exercise. After once again complaining to my friend about my predicament, she recommended Kate as a personal trainer. Kate was exactly what I needed – I knew I had found the right person to help me reach my goals. Since I started with Kate, I’m now fitter, more toned and stronger and have also discovered the pleasure and satisfaction of regular exercise. I have definitely moaned and complained along the way but with Kate’s encouragement, praise and humour she has pushed me out of my comfort zone, both mentally and physically and kept me motivated about working out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone who wants to lose weight and get into shape.”


“Kate has been my Personal Trainer for over 2 years. I first met Kate when I was at the beginning of a long journey. My goal was one of achieving a significant weight loss and improving my fitness level. I have lost 27kg along this journey. I now hike around the hills, swim 80-100 laps of the pool and ride km’s on my bike. I was not an exercise tolerant person. Kate has encouraged and supported me to reach my goals and continues to push me past the limitations I put on myself. I attend a one hour session every week and I achieve more in that one hour than I would ever do on my own. I also attend a Circuit Class midweek to help me towards my goals. Kate has the most positive attitude and believes you can achieve anything. She has only glowing and supportive comments for you and is with you every step of the way. I can lift weights heavier than I would have ever dreamed of. Kate is in regular contact during the week, especially if she feels you need the extra support. Kate will not let you down and will have you feeling like you can do anything! And you can…. if you have Kate working with you. My time with Kate each week is so well spent and I am so much healthier and happier for her ongoing positive support.”

Lisa Press

I have had the pleasure of being a member of Pumped for just over a year now and what an amazing adventure it has been. My husband bravely mentioned seeing the Pumped facility as he knows I have had an ongoing struggle with my weight over the years. I arranged a catchup with Kate and have not looked back since. Kate is such an amazing lady who carries with her an immense amount of passion and enthusiasm for what she does and this can’t help but be infectious and before you know it you are on the same path 🙂 I have gone from a yo-yo dieter and not very active person to already having completed now 3 half marathons, one 100 day challenge and a 20 week challenge where I was very lucky and proud to have won the entrants choice award. My family has changed from couch potatoes to now an active family where we go and do family bike rides or walks and my husband is even out there running half Marathons. With out Kate and her Pumped family I would still be back at square one. So thank you Kate, and thank you Pumped family you are all amazing and I could gladly recommend Pumped to anyone wanting to make that positive change in there life, and I can guarantee you will have lots of fun and laughs along the way

Sheree King

“Kate has been my personal trainer for over 2 years. She has not only trained me but has encouraged me to enter several events that you could say would normally be outside of my comfort zone! I have become fitter and stronger both physically and mentally since starting my weekly sessions with Kate @ Pumped! Kate is a very professional, mature, outgoing, intelligent, enthusiastic and caring person and with her and alongside her I have achieved many ‘firsts’ and I look forward reaching new goals and having more laughs, aches, pains and gains in the future!” “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Maree Whiting

“I met Kate two years ago! Right from the first time I met Kate she made you feel that you were long lost friends. Kate exudes loads of energy and a special sparkle with everyone she comes into contact with. She is professional, tough but encouraging and always accommodating to our needs! Over a year ago Kate opened “PUMPED” her own Studio which she has created with her cool personality, comfortable surroundings and playing in the background is your favourite music. From here I really started to see the most significant results with weight loss, strength and improved health and fitness! I certainly have more energy and have achieved results that I thought I would never have been able to achieve. Kate encouraged me to take up the Spring Challenge in Marlborough which we completed as a team of three. A fantastic experience and a great result for us all! With our good base of fitness which was built over the months with Kate – we all felt pretty good after the 8hour 48min event! For someone who didn’t enjoy running – I have learnt to run and actually enjoy a run once or twice a week now – and am considering running my first half marathon in December 2011. Kate makes exercising easy, enjoyable and you always look forward to her texts the day before and day after your sessions – making sure you have DOM’s (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) – is her priority I think! Thanks Kate for your encouragement, support and your belief in us, seeing the potential in us and for pushing us just that little bit more each time! It has certainly paid off and we still keep coming back for more! I look forward to more of your challenges! Kate has created a strong Personal Training Business and a great brand in “PUMPED”! I would highly recommend Kate especially if you want to see and feel results with your Health and Fitness! Thanks Kate – for being YOU!”

Ainsley Burton