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20 Week Challenge

Whether you are trying to increase your flexibility or get stronger, overcome an injury or compete in a new event, the 20 week challenge is a supportive and rewarding way for you to pursue the achievement of your health and fitness goals. Over a period of 20 weeks,  with the help and support of a personal trainer, you’ll get to focus on two key areas of your health and fitness that you’d like to improve on. The challenge is run through the winter in an attempt to keep you more engaged when you might be feeling less motivated, this means by the time you finish, you’ll not only be in to win lots of awesome prizes but you’ll be in a position to really make the most of summer.

Pumped has been involved in the 20 Week Challenge since 2012 with Pumped athletes entering into their chosen categories every year and for 20 weeks working together to achieve incredible results. Pumped Personal Training director Katie Lugtigheid has also been fortunate enough to receive the Catch Fitness Personal Trainer of the year award 3 times, a real achievement that we feel affirms her other award as the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards NZ Personal Trainer Of The Year for 2015.

Pumped continues to scoop more awards and win more prizes at 20 week challenge than any other individual or collective group of personal trainers, read what we’ve won at 20 week challenge here.

Pumped Entrants

Pumped Finalists

Pumped Winners

Pumped Personal Training Pre-Requisites


If you wish to take part in the 20 week challenge with Pumped we have a few pre-requisite requirements:

-You must be serious about achieving your health and fitness goals, not just coming along for a ride

-You need to be committed to the full 20 weeks, give it your all and be prepared to work hard both individually and as a team.

-You must make a minimum commitment to at least 10 PT sessions over the 20 weeks *

*Although not a formal requirement for the challenge, we feel this minimum requirement is necessary to confidently hold you accountable throughout and achieve your goals.

Key Dates

April 1st – Last chance for early bird entry ($99 instead of $129) You must enter and pay through the 20weekchallenge.co.nz website (don’t worry too much about categories, just enter and we can have a chat about these before communicating them to the challenge director on your behalf)

April 13th – Direct debit payment forms to be submitted before this date.

April 17th-28th – Goal setting sessions to be scheduled and completed with your trainer.

April 29th (9am) – Pumped get together for 20 Week Challenge overview, gives you all the opportunity to ask questions, meet and greet, take team photo and collect your Pumped Challenge Journal.

May 1st – 20 Week Challenge start day (all pre-testing to be completed @ Pumped during this first week), weekly 20 Week Challenge group circuits will also be taken weekly from this week onwards.

May 2nd (4pm-6pm) – Pre 20 Week Challenge body scans to be completed (optional add on)

July 4th (4pm-6pm) – Midway 20 Week Challenge body scans to be completed (optional add on)

September 17th – Pumped 10km and Half Marathon (TBC) and 20 Week Challenge completion.

September 19th (4pm-6pm) – Final weigh and post challenge body scans for 20 Week Challenge.

November 4th – Pumped awards night and celebratory team dinner.

The Pumped Package Fee is made up of the following:

  • Initial Goal Setting Consult.
  • Pre Challenge Goal Setting Workshop.
  • 4x 5 Week Mini Challenges – Themed to enhance your success with pre and post testing after each round.
  • Up to 40 Group Training Sessions – Privately held twice weekly group training sessions to help keep you on track and check in with the other Pumped entrants.
  • Pumped 20 Week Challenge Journals – Your Pumped challenge bible will see you through to the end.
  • Accountability – Work books reviewed and goals updated regularly.
  • Pumped 10km or Half Marathon Fun Run Entry.
  • A Whole Lot Of Support, Motivation, Experience and Expertise To Ensure You Have A Successful Challenge!

20 Week Add-ons


Personalised Training Plans $45 p/w

Tailored plans aligned with your 20 week category available to you online through desktop and mobile.

Casual Class Attendance $20 p/s

If you feel like attending one of our invigorating Pumped classes in addition to your chosen package, these can be attended casually at the above rate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am currently doing Doubles PT with a friend?
No problem, you can continue as normal with your training, you’ll just need to make sure you complete the minimum number of sessions during the 20 weeks (10) and purchase the “Pumped Loyal” option for your Pumped 20 week challenge package.
What if I am sick or away and can't make a session?
As much as possible we will agree to schedule any missed personal training sessions in addition to your normal training during the weeks leading up to or following being sick or away.
What if I can't make the Pumped 20 week class?
These classes are unfortunately not transferable, we run them so all the Pumped 20 week entrants can get together, have a good workout and hopefully make some friends on along their 20 week journey.
What if I get injured?
You can still train! There are plenty of other categories we can change your entry to, however in extreme circumstances and at our discretion we can discuss other options.

20 Week Challenge Awards Won By Pumped

“Best Ultra Cardio Male”

“Best Change to Lower Body Female”

“Best Change to Abs Female”

“Best Change to Upper Body Female”

“Maintenance Award”

“Entrants Choice Award”

“Rocking Recovery Award”

“Business Development Award”

“Best Couple Award”

“Best Buddies Award”

“Adventure Challenge Award”

“Best Lifestyle Change Award”

“OPALS 65+ Award”

“Best Overall Body Shape Change 2015”

“Rocking Recovery Award 2015”

“Ultra-Cardiovascular Award 2015”

“Best Change To Strength 2015”

“Best Change To Lifestyle 2015”

“Catch Fitness Queen Award 2015”

“Catch Fitness PT Of The Year 2015”


“Best Change To Lower Body Male 2014″

“Best Change To Lower Body Female 2014″

“Best Change To Abdominals 2014″

“Entrant’s Choice Award 2014″

“Ultra Cardio Female 2014″

“20 Week Queen Award 2014″

“Maintenance 2014”

“Best Change To Lower Body 2013″

“Best Change To Upper Body 2013″

“Best Change To Flexibility 2013″

“Best Cardiovascular Improvement Male 2013″

“Best Cardiovascular Improvement Female 2013″

“Best Overall Entrant 2013″


“Best Change To Lower Body 2012″

“Best Change To Upper Body 2012″

“Entrant’s Choice Award 2012″

“Best Overall Body Shape Change 2012″

“Fit Families Award 2012″

“Catch Fitness PT of the Year 2012”

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A picture of the 2013 Pumped 20 Week Challenge group

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