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On Monday the 3rd of May 2016, 44 of our fabulous Pumped Athletes put themselves forward for the Catch Fitness 20 week Challenge, a national health and fitness challenge.

This was an opportunity for them to continue to build on their health and fitness base, to build their physical, mental and emotional strength and an opportunity to progress as an individual in all areas of their life.

For 20 weeks these 42 beautiful woman and 2 handsome men set themselves weekly goals and 5 weekly check points to track their progress. We trained together weekly and we got to share in the transformations that these athletes had.
We celebrated successes frequently and we gave helping hands when needed. Together Pumped worked as a team to pull one another through the cold and dark months and together we celebrated at the awards night held on Saturday the 29th of October when all the prizes and awards were released.

This year we submitted 39 reports to the judges and we were confident that we had a bunch of finalists and winners. However, never did we imagine that we would do as well as we did. This year was our most successful yet and in fact a 20 week challenge record for the most winners per trainer/business.

Congratulations to our 55 finalists, our 4 Rock stars (free entry into 2017) and our 14 category winners, absolutely sensational!

We look forward to next year and building on our success further.

CARDIOVASCULAR MALE – David (finalist)

CARDIOVASCULAR FEMALE – Amy, Chrissy, Christine and Sue – (Finalists)


ULTRACARDIO FEMALE – Brogan and Jennifer (finalists)

STRENGTH – Belinda, Jennifer (top 4) and Kate (top 4) – (all finalists)

BALANCE – Mel (Finalist)

LOWER BODY – Lisa and Sandra (finalists) Gini (WINNER)

FLEXIBILITY – Sue (finalist)

ABS – Christine and Sue (finalists) Kellie (WINNER)

UPPER BODY MALE – Stu (finalist)

UPPER BODY FEMALE – Karleen, Lisa, Rebecca, Gini and Sandra (finalists) Kellie (WINNER)





COUPLES AWARD – Sue and David (finalist) Gary and Lorraine (WINNERS)

BEST BUDDIES AWARD – Kate and Amy (finalist) Jacqui and Sal (WINNERS)

NEW MUM – Amy and Christine (finalists)

OVERALL BODY SHAPE CHANGE – Amy, Christine, Jennifer, Kellie, Lisa, Mary, Pauline, Rebecca, Sandra, Sue, Stu and Gini (finalists) Emma (WINNER)

ADVENTURE – Abbey, Brogan, Sue and David (finalists) Kate (WINNER)

LIFESTYLE – Emma, Kellie, Lisa, Lorraine, Pauline, Gini and Karleen (finalists) Jennifer (WINNER)

OVERALL ENTRANT – Brogan, Suzy, Jennifer and Lisa (finalists)

ROCKSTARS –  Rach, Lily, Anna and Wendy

OPALS 65+ – David (WINNER)

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