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The Pumped 100 Day Challenge

In 2012 Kate Lugtigheid created and launched the Pumped 100 Day Challenge – a challenge to hold you accountable to your goals with the aim of creating an exercise routine that you can incorporate into your everyday lives and continue for a lifetime. The number one goal is to get you to move more, lead an active lifestyle and teach you that even if you only have 10-15 minutes to spare, it’s still possible and worthwhile getting huffy puffy.

This group challenge is held twice a year for a small group of dedicated athletes wanting to lose weight and significantly improve their health and fitness. The daily accountability and weekly group sessions are a sure fire way of ensuring you reach your goals, while being supported along the way by your fellow Pumped Athletes. By doing these body weight exercises you are working your whole body, no equipment required! You are strengthening yourself to prevent against injury, osteoporosis and most importantly, helping turn your body into a fat burning machine! (Who doesn’t want to be burning more calories at rest…?!)

A Challenge For All

In 2014 we introduced the “Pumped 100 Day Challenge Mind & Body” and the “Pumped 100 Day Challenge Body” as two separate programs. The “Pumped 100 Day Challenge Body” consisting of the exercise component only, ideal for our existing or past 100 Day Challenge entrants and the “Pumped 100 Day Challenge Mind and Body” adding a beautiful challenge for the mind involving a daily task ranging from, fitness, personal development, self-education, doing good deeds and exploring new foods.

A picture of the Pumped mind and body logo
A picture of the Pumped 100 Day Challenge Body Logo

Achievement Levels

This challenge is a way to help you see, do and explore, special rewarding and fun new things. We have run this challenge for 6 years now with over 300 entrants, many returning for a second or third round pursuing the ultimate goal of 100% completion and Diamond Elite status. The levels of achievement you can aim for are:

  • Diamond Elite 100% 100%
  • Platinum 90% 90%
  • Gold 80% 80%
  • Silver 70% 70%
  • Bronze 60% 60%

When is it?

Challenges run twice a year from Mid January – Late April & Mid September – 23rd December

What does it cost?

The investment to enter the challenge can be found in the pricing table either to the right or below.

Where does it take place?

Group circuits are held weekly at the Pumped studio or on location at iconic exercise locations around Christchurch. Exercises and daily challenges can be completed almost anywhere, at home, the super market and on many occasion, the airport!

Who is it for?

This challenge is for everyone! New and existing Pumped athletes alike, ultimately it’s just another chapter on the journey towards your health and fitness goals.

How long is it?

It’s a 100 days silly.

The Next 100 Day Challenge is starting soon. Are you up for the Challenge?

A picture of the Pumped athletes completing challenge
A picture of Kate at Pumped event
A picture of the 100 Day Challenge entrants doing press ups