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2016 Exercise Industry Awards Winner

Winner, 2016 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards

This year whilst in attendance at the 2016 Exercise Industry Awards, Pumped achieved formal recognition as a finalist for programme excellence as part of our “100 Day Challenge”. Katie Lugtigheid achieved finalist for Peoples Choice and runner up NZ PT of the Year 2016 and finally Pumped Personal Training received the great honour of being named Winner, ” 2016 Small Exercise Facility of the Year (Under 500 Members)”.
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100 Day Challenge

The countdown is on for the next Pumped 100 Day Challenge! This awesome challenge is about continuing your health and fitness journey by committing to 100 days of body weight exercises and mindful personal development to help you toward your goals. The challenge has been full twice a year for 3 years now and with limited spaces it will fill up fast, new or existing express your interest ASAP to avoid disappointment.
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20 Week Challenge

Start thinking about whether the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge is for you. This is an absolutely fabulous challenge for helping you reach your goals and an awesome way to ensure you stay on track over Winter! Pumped has won more awards and scooped more prizes than any other independent trainer or training group.

Are you the fittest, healthiest, fastest, leanest, strongest, happiest you could possibly or want to be? And if not, then that’s why you are probably searching for help, ideas, answers, or “something” that will work for you.

A picture of water droplets, drink more water when exercising

Weight loss tip #1

Drink more water until you have loooooong clear wees!
A picture of wind when huffing and puffing during circuits

Weight loss tip #2

Move more! Get huffing and puffing, do something every day that makes you huff and puff .
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Weight loss tip #3

Lift heavy things, lift weights, get stronger and turn yourself into a fat burning machine!

Is Pumped Personal Training for you?


  • Are you really serious about increasing your health and fitness?
  • Are you ready to increase your self confidence?
  • Are you ready to put yourself first and do something for YOU?
  • Do you want to get into the best shape you can be, tight toned and yummy?
  • Are you ready to begin a new fun result driven journey in pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle and better relationships?
  • Do you want to enter an event, like a half marathon, duathlon, triathlon etc?

If so then Pumped is looking for YOU!


We help women who are serious about their health and fitness and who are ready to make change! We work with ladies who want to increase their self confidence, who want to begin a journey with a family of like minded people, to get results, and most importantly, become the healthiest, fittest, fastest, strongest and happiest that they have EVER been! We train women who have decided to put themselves first! If you think you meet some or all of this criteria then we urge you to get in contact with us, so we can start planning your journey while the desire to improve your health and happiness is top priority!

Start the Journey

Schedule a goal setting coffee chat with one of our awesome trainers today!

Quality Of Service

Pumped holds quality in the highest regard and is one of our core business values, we are here to take care of you on this journey every step of the way. Our Trainers are REPs (Registered Exercise Professionals) registered, which means they are evaluated on their ongoing professional development in the industry and maintain current first aid certifications. They also practice what they preach, after all it’s no good trying to be motivated by someone who doesn’t themselves get down and do a few press ups now and again!

The Pumped training facility is a private (not shared) commercial studio owned exclusively by Pumped, this enables us to give you total focus, holding you accountable to your goals, in private, one on one.

The Challenges, Rewards, Trips and Retreats

We always have something going on! It doesn’t matter what week or month, there always seems to be an event to train for, a challenge to enter or weekly workout to complete, no matter what it is you can rest assured we are always conjuring up something new to keep you focused toward your goal!

Pumped runs challenges all over, jump on our events page, social media sites or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date.

The Pumped Family

At Pumped we are all about family, since the business began in 2009 it was clear almost immediately that our clients loved the service we provided. The business grew organically by word of mouth in the first few years due to high customer retention and Pumped “raving fans”, our place in the industry however was more thoroughly cemented in recent years following the presentation of numerous awards that we are honored to have received. Many of the original Pumped members now play a huge role in their own right in the encouragement and motivation of our newest additions to the family, for many Pumped is no longer a service, it’s a way of life, and one they will most likely continue to be a part of forever.

We asked a few of our originals if they’d mind writing us an in depth testimonial of their experience with us.

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